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Upcoming DJs, Music producers, aspiring nightlife promoters or even if you are new to influencing we welcome everyone to be a part of Clubr Tribe. We aspire to bring all the nightlife enthusiasts to one place and connect with the nightlife ecosystem.


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Clubr tribe is a community of nightlife enthusiasts and social influencers who can choose the promotions available in their dashboard. Once you accept and share the post, you would be eligible to earn Money, Win Exclusive Merchandise and Access to Guestlist on sale conversion as per promotion terms by the nightlife venue or event organisers.

If you are an avid nightlife enthusiast, then yes you are eligible. We dont have any shortlisting process, however you should an invite from existing tribe members.

We are not limited by geographical boundaries and anyone who has a flair for nightlife can join us.

You should be above 21 or the legally permissible drinking age in your state to be part of Clubr Tribe.

Once you accept an event to promote you will have the unique tracking link which can be shared across your social channels and WhatsApp. When someone clicks that link and makes a purchase or reserves the tables within 24 hours you will get up to 15% of commission, Exclusive Merchandise and Access to the guestlist as listed in the promotion by the event organiser or nightlife venue.

You can review your campaign performance like the number of visitors from your link and the number of sales from your link directly from your dashboard. All your eligible earnings will be transferred to your bank account on the 10th of each month. *Only earnings from completed events are eligible for payout.

Your eligible consolidated earnings should be more than 3000 to be eligible for pay-out.

A world where you get paid to share your favourite events.
Our Early access programme members will have extra incentives and open access for the app.